Manual Lessons


These days with automatic cars becoming more popular, you may wonder who is still driving manually. So why are we still teaching manual lessons? 

There are many benefits: 

  • You get increased control 
  • There’s a lot more manual than automatic vehicles in the UK
  • Manual cars are cheaper than automatics
  • Less complicated vehicle so easier to get repaired
  • Can give increased fuel efficiency

Most beginner drivers learn in a manual car as that is what is most common. There’s no denying the initial learning curve is steeper with a manual clutch pedal and gearstick. However, putting in the extra effort is worth it as you will be able to drive both manual and automatics later on. 

The great thing about driving a manual transmission car is that you have full control over your vehicle - there’s no computer telling you which gear you should be in!

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automatic lessons

Automatic lessons


Some people think that learning to drive in a manual car is hard and that it's not for everyone. In busy cities, it's necessary to change manual gears very often and use the clutch to drive. There are automatic cars that you can drive without using the clutch pedal, which makes the physical job of driving much easier. This can be helpful for people who want to live life without having to worry about the clutch pedal.

Automatic transmissions are generally easier to operate than manuals. There is a lot of traffic in cities, so you will need to stop and start regularly. This can be more tricky without an automatic car.

Ask about our automatic courses if you are planning on driving an automatic car. If you pass your test after learning on you will be restricted to driving automatic vehicles only

Practical Test


The DVSA has estimated that 47 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours of private practice are required to pass the practical driving test. This only depicts the average acquisition of driving knowledge; everyone isn’t the same!

The test examiner will ask you several safety questions, known as show me, tell me questions. We will cover these in our lessons nearer to your driving test date. One question will require you to demonstrate performing a basic safety check and the other will require you to verbally explain.

An extended mock test permits all the driving test manoeuvres and emergency stops which you may be asked to conduct in the real driving test.

On the day of your driving test date your teacher will pick you up at the appointed time, usually shortly before the test is scheduled to begin. This allows you to briefly review your progress and work through any last-minute inquiries you may have.

Practical test
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Pass Plus


Pass Plus courses are currently one of the most popular ways for drivers who have passed their driving test to make sure they are fully aware of the skills needed to be a safe driver. It makes sense that many people are interested in these driving courses, as it's an excellent way to improve their driving skills. Every driver should take a Pass Plus course. 

The Pass Plus course, which is about 40 hours in total, includes both practical lessons and theory work. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of accidents resulting from inexperience by teaching new drivers about hazards they might not be familiar with. After completing a course, students are issued a certificate of completion.

On this course you are provided with feedback on your driving style and how to improve it, in order to reduce the risk of having an accident. This isn't just to get your driving skills better - it can also help you save money too! The pass plus course can lead to reductions in premiums.

Patrick GaffneyPatrick Gaffney
13:57 21 Jan 22
Russell was a great instructor for me. Russell provided me with a comfortable environment that made me feel at ease, allowing me to learn quickly. Russell provided me with all the information about driving which ended up making me pass both my theory and practical first time. Russell is a kind and easy person to talk to and always helps you to improve upon your weaknesses. Without Russell, I find it hard to imagine passing my practical first time. I am very grateful for Russell and the time he gave me. I highly recommend Russell and he is a brilliant instructor and will guide you to pass your driving test in no time. Thank you Russell.
Luca NembhardLuca Nembhard
19:35 31 Dec 21
Best instructor out! Would highly recommend, Tahir is experienced and patient, as well as pleasant to get on with. He took his time with me to get me confident and comfortable behind the wheel and made sure I understood any mistakes I made so I progressed. Passed first time!
E AydinE Aydin
14:34 30 Nov 21
Russ is amazing! Highly recommend South East London Driving School! I passed the test first time thanks to him. Russ taught me a lot, increased my confidence, his teaching methods were brilliant. He genuinely cares how you do and also helped me learn really quickly before my test! I highly recommend him if you are really serious about your driving and need assistance before your test!Thank you very much Tahir abi!!!
Chris WilsonChris Wilson
09:52 17 Nov 21
I highly recommend Russ. He is exact the kind of teacher you want: calm, helpful and encouraging, and really builds your confidence. With his help I was able to pass first time. Massive thanks, Russ!
Ashley BestAshley Best
12:31 13 Oct 21
Russ is a great teacher, his patient but no nonsense approach was perfect for me, and he has a great style of teaching. Very consistent, structured and relevant, I looked forward to our lessons. His knowledge of the areas he covers is second to none.
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