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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many hours of lessons does it take to learn to drive?

It takes approximately 50 hours of lessons to learn to drive.

How do beginners learn to drive?

Most beginners learn to drive with a driving instructor.

What would happen if I lost control of the vehicle?

If you lost control of the vehicle during a driving lesson, the instructor would take control of the car as it has dual controls.

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in South East London in Kidbrooke. For more details about driving lessons near you

Can you teach yourself how to drive?

It is possible to teach yourself how to drive, but it is not recommended. Most people find it easier to learn with a driving instructor.

What age can someone start driving?

In the UK, a person must be 17 years old to start driving a car. They can also take a theory test and get a provisional licence. The person takes a practical driving test after getting their provisional licence.

What is the cost of driving lessons?

The cost of driving lessons depends on how many hours you would like to spend with the instructor. Driving lessons are charged by the hour or in blocks, so there’s no fixed cost. Please check our prices

What are the different types of driving lessons?

There are many different types of driving courses in the UK, including the Standard Driving Course and the Pass Plus Course. We have a good breakdown of our driving lessons

FAQ,Frequently asked questions,FAQ section,driving lessons,how to drive,driving instructor,South East London


FAQ,Frequently asked questions,FAQ section,driving lessons,how to drive,driving instructor,South East London

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